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2nd Annual.

North Carolina Cybersecurity Symposium

Working together. Solving problems.

Securing North Carolina.

January 19-20, 2023

Hosted by NC-PaCE

Raleigh, NC


Save the date for the 2nd Annual North Carolina Cybersecurity Symposium! The Symposium will provide participants with opportunities to deepen their knowledge of critical cybersecurity issues, share and exchange ideas and knowledge, and explore emerging opportunities in research, education, training, and certifications.

The Symposium will feature keynotes from industry leaders, lectures from cybersecurity experts, panel discussions on a variety of important cyber topics, hands-on learning, an evening networking event, student cyber research displays, industry exhibitors, and a Cyber Education Showcase with experts to help students with resumes.


There is something for everyone at this event!

This exciting event is hosted by the Partnership for Cybersecurity Excellence (NC- PaCE) and takes place on January 19 and 20, 2023, on the beautiful campus of North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, NC.


  • Platinum Sponsor: Cisco

  • Silver Sponsor: Red Hat


  • Anchore

  • Reef Systems

  • MCNC

  • Armorcode

  • Cloud Security Alliance

  • Tego

  • Corporate Information Technologies

  • Hook Security

  • John Deere

  • White Raven Security

  • Teksystems

  • Stern Security

  • Tizbi


  • Accenture


  • Keynote Panel: Marty Loy, Cisco CISO and Chief Product/SaaS Security Officer. Amber Hurst, Cisco Incident Manager, and Cooper Meyer, Cisco Field Account Manager

  • Keynote: Data Security: Lisa Bobbit, Cisco Privacy Architect

  • Feed Your Cybercuriosity: Exploring Careers in Cybersecurity: Adrianne George

  • How Many  Hackers Does It Take to Install a Lightbulb?: Amelia Wietting

  • Diversity in Cybersecurity: Maria Thompson

  • Effectively Presenting a Cyber Business Case: Benjamin Corll

  • Data Privacy: Cherie Givens

  • Security Threat Modeling Workshop: Chris Romeo

  • Demystifying Compliance, Security Frameworks, Audits, and Standards: Chuck Kesler, Lori Jackson, Laura Rodgers

  • Autonomous Vehicle Security: Hal Aldridge

  • Securing Everything: An Introduction to Zero Trust: Jeff Crume

  • Application of Model-Based System Engineering for Assuring Enterprise Cybersecurity: Jeff Greer

  • Current and Emerging Challenges in Cybersecurity Round Table: Jennifer Minella, Joe Evangelisto, Josh Wyatt, Gavin Reid, Brian Wilson

  • Cloud Security: Joshua Beck

  • Bringing Order to the Chaos of Security Vulnerabilities: Lisa Bradley, Julia Hopkins

  • Dark Web 101: Kevin Hoffman

  • CISO Workforce Round Table: Kim Smodic, Chuck Kesler, Aaron Lancaster, Matt McKeever, Shelly Epps

  • Building Artificially Intelligent Security Using Machine Learning: James Brown

  • Transformation Blueprint for Developer-Centric Application Security: Larry Macherone

  • The Swiss Army Knife of AppSec: Secure Design Review: Lisa Cook

  • Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: Matt Chytka

  • Cybersecurity and Emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Cybersecurity: Michael Roman

  • Becoming a Hacker Workshop: Omar Santos, Chris McCoy

  • Supply Chain Risk Management and Open Source: Ruth Suehle

  • Risk Management: The Holy Grail of Cybersecurity: Srinivasan Vanamali



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