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Magnifying Glass

Research is an integral part of the cybersecurity ecosystem. Research advances the cybersecurity field, solves problems, and informs cybersecurity curriculum and training.


Grant funds are supporting the following research:

  • User Interface Security Assessment - A Metric & Guideline for Usable Security Assessment

  • An Analysis of Social Engineering Techniques in Launching Software Supply Chain Attacks

  • Forecasting Security Updates to Identify Vulnerable Software

  • Spear Fishing Detection Training with Gamification, Behavior, and Inclusiveness Design

Magnifying Glass

NC-PACE also provides funds for Research Experiences for Undergraduates [REUs]. REUs provide undergraduates with an opportunity to build their research experience and connect with faculty and researchers.


Grant funds are supporting the following REU projects

  • Construction Cybersecurity Knowledge Graph Using Large Language Model

  • Hardware Building Blocks for Next-Generation Cryptography

  • Tracking Malicious Web Behavior Over Time

  • Reversing Electron Apps

  • Automated Web Measurements With VisibleV8

  • Measuring and Characterizing Zero Trust Network Access Adoption

  • Physical Encryption

  • Mobile Payment System Security

If you are interested in partnering on a research project with one of our member institutions,
please contact Laura Rodgers at

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